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All presentations are free of charge and non-profit. Feel free to share them with whoever you want. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to use presentations as a whole – usage of single pictures taken from these presentations is not allowed.
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Welcome to the web page with my copyright photographic presentations.
My name is Tadeusz Łomiński. I was born in Gdynia and have lived here all my life.
I was trained as mechanical engineer. I worked on managerial positions in various branches of industry. Only after I retired did I manage to find time for my hobby, photography. My adventure with photography started more than half a century ago in a Youth Culture Centre in Gdynia, but real fascination with digital photography began over 14 years ago when I bought my first digital camera. My software know-how allowed me to master the new technique quite fast. I am still broadening my knowledge, taking thousands of photos in various conditions.
I specialize in reportages. While travelling I try to document the beautiful, the interesting, worth remembering and being shown. This is how I have made my copyright presentations published on the web page. I am still working in insurance business which I have been doing for twenty three years. The hobby is beautiful but also expensive. To be independent I have to provide for the trips and new equipment myself. Presently I take photos with Canon, a reflex camera with a set of professional lens.
There is a very high interest in the presentations. Tens of thousands of them have been downloaded from the web page. This is obliging!
I do not object to sending them on to friends. However, bear in mind that the presentations are protected by copyright law. In no case can they, without the author's consent, be used for commercial purposes, either as a whole or in parts. Nor can the presentations be modified or the photos be used.

Tadeusz Łomiński
Gdynia, Polska