Tadeusz Łomiński - 28 - AIDAdiva as a whole


AIDAdiva is a first AIDA cruise ship of new generation, that is qualified to the lux group. Diva has already 6 sisters. The ship has 14 decks, 11 of which are available for passengers. There are also 1055 cabins of various standards. The crew works 24/7, because attractions on this cruise ship are available all the time. Pictures presenting the interior of the ship are included in the presentation. Accessories are predominately painted red, which in my opinion does not soothe nor clear one’s head. Maybe that was the architect’s conscious decision. AIDAdiva prides herself on having fast and reliable internet connection. AIDAdiva has also prepared a free of charge Android and iOS apps with a wide-range of functionalities. By using these apps, one is able to browse panoramic pictures of ship, watch movies, download weather forecast, check the information about current location of the ship etc.

2015-08-29 (Updated: 2015-09-28)