Tadeusz Łomiński - Gdynia Orłowo – seaside resort

Orłowo is a luxurious, pre-war residential area in Gdynia. Remains of a fishing village,  summer resort and variety of monuments can still be found there. Among them are: an old spa house called Kurhaus, 19th century Adlershort hostlery, which now serves both as a High School of Art and a „Debiut” Gallery. In this very wooden house, a famous Polish novelist Stefan Żeromski used to spend his holidays. Nowadays, Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Orłowa’s main office is located there. Many villas and guest houses of an impressive architecture and interesting history are located in Orłowo. Some of the places especially beloved by the tourists are: a 180 metres long wooden pier, the Orłowo Cliff (reaching up to 60 metres in height), pristine sandy beaches  and a boardwalk. Orłowo is praised for its location, tranquility and beautiful views. This district attracts vacationers and tourists who are in need of rest. Orłowo was granted the status of a seaside resort.

2017-05-12 (Updated: 2017-05-14)