Tadeusz Łomiński - 34 -Wind Surf, Mein Schiff 6


In this presentation, very interesting units are displayed. „Wind Surf” is a cruise ship which could be classified both as a sailing vessel with motor and as a motor vessel with sails. The hull looks like a regular sailing vessel but its main source of power are electric-diesel engines. On the other hand, it is also equipped with 7 computer-operated sails which serve as a backup propulsion. Because of this, the maximum speed of the vessel is about 3 nautical knots. Fun fact: one of the passengers has cruised on this vessel 100 times! The second vessel is a brand new cruise ship - „Mein Schiff”. It was before this ship’s naming when this brand new vessel had sailed into Gdynia for the first time. The ship’s naming ceremony was held on the 1st of June, 2017 in Hamburg. Additional information is included in the presentation.

2017-08-23 (Updated: 2017-09-04)