Tadeusz Łomiński - Kościerzyna – The Pearl of Kashubia


Kościerzyna is a city in Kashubia, Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is an area of great landscape value, which makes the city attractive for tourists. Kościerzyna was charted in 1398. Until the 19th century, it was an agricultural region. When Polish lands were under foreign partition, it was considered a cultural city. Nowadays, it is considered to be„The Pearl of Kashubia”. Kościerzyna is an important railway junction. Railway museum was founded in this city. There are a lot of old train and engines like puffers locomotives and on track machines.  In the old Kościerzyna City Hall, The Museum of Kościerzyna Land and Accordion Museum were set up. Manor House of Józef Wybicki and the Museum of the National Anthem are located near Kościerzyna. The first one is situated in Sikorzyno, the latter in Będomin.

2017-10-20 (Updated: 2017-10-25)